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SKU-110417 Heddon Torpedo Lures - Natural from Cabelas  sku

Heddon Torpedo Lures - Natural - 110417 by Heddon

Item description: This Fishing Fishing Lures And Access product is by Heddon - The churning action of the single rear prop makes the Heddon Torpedo an ideal imitation of a wounded baitfish. The aerodynamic shape enables you to reach those shallow-water cuts and pockets. Per each. Available: Baby Torpedo - 2-1/2 , 3/8 oz. Colors: (003) Black Shiner, (036) Natural Perch, (066) Shad G-Finish, (069)Leopard Frog, (116)Clear, (160) Bullfrog, (161) Black Shore Minnow, (190)Brown Crawdad, (351)Baby Bass. Tiny Torpedo - 1-7/8 , 1/4 oz. Colors: (003) Black Shiner, (036) Natural Perch, (066) Shad G-Finish, (069)Leopard Frog, (160) Bullfrog, (161) Black Shore Minnow, (351)Baby Bass. Teeny Torpedo - 1-1/2 , 1/8 oz. Colors: (003)Black Shiner, (160)Bullfrog, (351)Baby Bass. Color: Natural. Type: Hard Baits.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Heddon

Keywords: Topwater Crankbait

Category: Fishing Lures And Access


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