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SKU-11042 Telescoping Boat Hook and Paddle Combo from Cabelas  sku

Telescoping Boat Hook and Paddle Combo - 11042 by Dotline

Item description: This Hunting Marine Accessories product is by Dotline - The Telescoping Boat Hook and Paddle Combo allows you to paddle, launch, dock, moor and retrieve objects without ever setting it down. You get a top-quality, high-impact plastic paddle with a built-in, hand-hold slot across the bottom on one end so you can get a sure-grip for using the tough boat hook on the other end. Telescoping, twist-lock handle extends out to 72 and stores at a compact 48 . This floatable combo is made out of anodized aluminum for corrosion-resistant construction. Type: Boat Hook and Paddle Combo.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Dotline

Keywords: Boating Access

Category: Marine Accessories


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