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SKU-110877 Johnson Silver Minnow from Cabelas  sku

Johnson Silver Minnow - 110877 by Johnson

Item description: This Fishing Fishing Lures And Access product is by Johnson - This weedless lure works wonders for catching fish. Based on a nearly 80-year-old design, Johnsons Silver Minnow attracts bass, northern pike and other species in freshwater and its ideal in saltwater for redfish and speckled trout. Thicker in the middle than at the edges, the Silver Minnows 35 angle rocks the lure back and forth as you retrieve it, yet its unique design wont roll and twist line. With plated silver or 24-kcarat gold, the minnow also flashes brighter than chrome or brass as it wobbles through the water. The design and action also lets you crank the lure through thick hydrilla, cabbage grass or milfoil without worrying about snagging. Each lure has a hand-soldered hook and no-twist eye. Per each. Sizes: 1-3/4, 1/8 oz.; 2, 1/4 oz.; 2-1/2, 1/2 oz.; 2-3/4, 3/4 oz.; 3-3/4, 1-1/8 oz. Colors:(001)Silver,(002)Gold,(005)Copper,(006)Nickel Nickel Blue,(012)Red and White,(021)Firetiger,(052)Chartreuse Flash,(257)Rainbow,(300)Red Flash,(320)Five of Diamonds,(326)Chrome Trout,(608)Red Shad Gold. Color: Silver. Type: Hard Baits.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Johnson

Keywords: Casting Spoons

Category: Fishing Lures And Access


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