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SKU-115883 Zoom Trick Worm - Chartreuse from Cabelas  sku

Zoom Trick Worm - Chartreuse - 115883 by Zoom

Item description: This Fishing Fishing Lures And Access product is by Zoom - The high-floating design of Zooms Trick Worm is absolutely deadly on pre-spawn bass in dense vegetation. It adds amazing action when twitched slowly in the shallows. Per 20. Size:6-1/2. Colors:(001)White,(003)Black,(038)Bubblegum,(113)Plum Apple,(120)Watermelon Candy,(138)Water Purple Glitter,(139)Black Ruby,(165)Methiolate,(181)Watermelon Seed,(183)Red/Black Cure,(197)Black Yellow Swirl, (199)Sherbet,(202)Junebug,(208)Bruised Banana, (239)Green Pumpkin Blue,(303)Green Pumpkin Gold,(304)Watermelon Red Magic,(310)Smokin Purple,(317)Sprayed Grass,(332)Green Pumpkin Candy,(542)Green Pumpkin,(685)Green Pumpkin Red,(752)Limetreuse,(760)Junebug/Chartreuse,(933)Watermelon/Chartreuse,(996)Watermelon/Red. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Soft Baits.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Zoom

Keywords: Worms & Grubs Plastics

Category: Fishing Lures And Access


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The larger legs and body of this Zoom 8 Mag Lizard add mass for fishing Carolina rigs and flipping in the timber. Per 9. Size: 8. Colors: (022)Pumpkin, (054)Watermelon Red, (062)Black/Red Glitter, (078)Pumpkin/Chartreuse, (181)Watermelon Seed, (202)Junebug, (304)Watermelon Red Magic, (542)Green Pumpkin, (685)Green Pumpkin Red, (933)Watermelon/Chartreuse. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Soft Baits. ...See The Price
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