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SKU-115942 Top Brass Carolina Ready Rigs - Black from Cabelas  sku

Top Brass Carolina Ready Rigs - Black - 115942 by Top Brass

Item description: This Fishing Fishing Access product is by Top Brass - Ready Rigs use brass weights, glass beads, and Pro-Tickers so you can quickly produce a loud, fish-catching, easy-to-use Carolina rig. Per 3. Note: Bead color may be black or red. Manufacturer does not specify color used. Sizes: 1/4 oz. 5/16 oz. 3/8 oz. 1/2 oz. 3/4 oz. 1 oz. Colors: Brass, Black. Color: Black. Type: Weights.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Top Brass

Keywords: Fresh Weights

Category: Fishing Access


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