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The Duluth Pack Scout: Review

You no doubt have seen Duluth Packs. There make like a million different bags. If you’ve ever wondered which model to get I’m going to make a case for the Duluth Pack Scout. The Duluth Pack Scout is the perfect size to stuff a jacket and trail bars into for a day hike. It’s also ... The post The Duluth Pack Scout: Review appeared first on 50 Campfires. ...

The Cooler Rest: Review

I hate to overuse this phrase, but the Cooler Rest is one of those products that makes you say “why didn’t I think of that” Long story short – a guy is out fishing and using his Yeti cooler for a seat in the boat. His back starts to get sore because, well, there is ... The post The Cooler Rest: Review appeared first on 50 Campfires. ...

GCI FirePit Rocker: Review

GCI brought an entirely new level of chill to the campsite with their rocker style camping chairs. Their new one, the GCI FirePit Rocker, might be my favorite. It sits lower to the ground than the other models, which makes it easier to rock if you’re not particularly tall (like me). The spring action rockers ... The post GCI FirePit Rocker: Review appeared first on 50 Campfires. ...

Tentsile UNA Tree Tent: Review

When it comes to sleeping in camp you have two options: tents and hammocks. Wait – make that three options: tents, hammocks, and Tentsile. Tentsile makes hammocks that are in a league of their own because they connect to three trees. This gives you far more space than a traditional hammock, and makes it easier ... The post Tentsile UNA Tree Tent: Review appeared first on 50 Campfires. ...

Spright Solar USB LED Lantern: Review

The options for camping lanterns seem endless these days, primarily due to LED lights. They make lanterns more durable, but even more important, more efficient. So efficient in fact, that small solar panels can charge them up with ease. One of my favorites is the Spright Solar USB LED Lantern. It only weighs 6.3 ounces ... The post Spright Solar USB LED Lantern: Review appeared first on 50 Campfires. ...

The Zebco Splash Spinning Reel Combo: Review

There’s a good chance that when you started fishing you had a Zebco 33 in your hand. In fact, it might still be your rod of choice. However, if you’re starting to prefer casting with spinner baits it’s probably time to move up to a spinning reel, and you won’t find a better looking or ... The post The Zebco Splash Spinning Reel Combo: Review appeared first on 50 Campfires. ...

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  • Jansport Right Pack Backpack

    Jansport Right Pack Backpack
    You can never go wrong with a classic.A With its signature suede leather bottom, the JanSport Right Pack is the iconic backpack. With an internal 15 inch laptop...(more)

    $62.00 More Details
  • Jansport Agave Pack

    Jansport Agave Pack
    Jansport Agave Pack 2013The Jansport Agave Pack 2013 is ideal for a day camping trip or even for school! This bag features AirCore shoulder straps that cut the ...(more)

    $70.00 More Details
  • Jansport Agave Pack

    Jansport Agave Pack
    JanSport was founded in Seattle, Washington 50 years ago. Since then the brand has become a mainstay of students, outdoorsmen, and folks who have an eye for qua...(more)

    $85.00 More Details
  • Jansport Ashford Pack Black

    Jansport Ashford Pack Black
    For those days when you need to cart your laptop to class or when you just want to hit the trail all day, Jansport Ashford Pack has you covered. Featuring plen...(more)

    $85.00 More Details
  • Jansport Austin

    Jansport Austin
    Whether you're commuting to work or class, you need the Jansport Austin to carry your laptop and your other gear in style. Featuring a 15 inch internal laptop s...(more)

    $28.95 More Details
  • Jansport Women's Agave Backpack

    Jansport Women's Agave Backpack
    If you're ready to hit the trails this season, but also need a pack to cart your laptop and tablet around safely, you'll love the Jansport Women's Agave Backpac...(more)

    $70.00 More Details
  • Jansport Digital Student

    Jansport Digital Student
    The Jansport Digital Student is aptly named and is your best option for carrying around all of your electronic gear. Featuring a dedicated external cord storage...(more)

    $55.00 More Details
  • Jansport Equinox 40 Pack

    Jansport Equinox 40 Pack
    When you need a pack for your outdoor adventures, the Jansport Equinox 40 Pack has the features you're looking for in a hydration compatible pack. Featuring an ...(more)

    $100.00 More Details
  • Jansport Envoy Pack

    Jansport Envoy Pack
    Cart your laptop, your tablet, and your other daily essentials in the Jansport Envoy Pack. This backpack features a dedicated top loading 15 inch laptop pocket,...(more)

    $65.00 More Details
  • Jansport Houston Pack

    Jansport Houston Pack
    Jansport Houston Pack Conveniently carry your school, outdoor or vacation gear inside the Jansport Houston Pack. Made from a blend of premium faux leather and c...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Jansport Hatchet Pack

    Jansport Hatchet Pack
    Crossing an outdoor influence with modern functionality, the Jansport Hatchet Pack can either carry a 15 inch laptop or a 3 liter hydration system, making it ve...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Jansport Impulse Backpack

    Jansport Impulse Backpack
    The Impulse Backpack is perfect for students or professionals who carry a laptop and tons of stuff around all day. Jansport builds backpacks that serve for life...(more)

    $34.95 More Details
  • Jansport Javelina

    Jansport Javelina
    This pack, like its namesake, is versatile, rugged, and ready for anything you throw at it. In case you didn't know, a javelina is a medium-sized hoofed mammal ...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Jansport Kathadin 40L Pack

    Jansport Kathadin 40L Pack
    When you need the most versatile carry on, choose the Jansport Kathadin 40L Pack that converts from a backpack to a duffel by tucking away the shoulder straps. ...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Jansport Katahdin 50L Pack Grey

    Jansport Katahdin 50L Pack Grey
    When you need a technical backpack for your multi-day outdoor adventures, try the Jansport Katahdin 50L Pack. Featuring adjustable suspension and padded low pro...(more)

    $50.00 More Details
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