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Climbing News:

DIGITAL FEATURE: The Finest Crags in the UK & Ireland: Range East, Pembroke

The jagged coastline of south Pembrokeshire is undeniably home to some of the best sea-cliff climbing in the UK, perhaps in the world (some would say). In just a few miles of coastline, there are over 3000 routes on some of the best limestone in the country. There is no place in the UK where the density of top-quality climbing is as high as it is in Pembroke....

Dave Gregory - A Life Lived to the Full

A stalwart of British climbing Dave Gregory passed away recently. In this article his long-time climbing partner and good friend Chris Craggs takes a look at a life lived to the full....

ARTICLE: Franco Cookson's Guide to Headpointing

The evil word. Pre-practice, top roping, working: all synonyms for that most diabolical of threats to stylistic purity. Even before Alastair Lees aesthetic masterpiece Onsight, headpointing had got a bit of a dubious reputation for allowing Trad climbers to cheat, bypassing the unknown, and using session after session to work moves on a hanging rope from above. After Lees film, the last tatters of the headpoint culture stood like the war banner of a defeated clan....

ARTICLE: Requiem Revisited - Ken Crocket on Dave 'Cubby' Cuthbertson

Ken Crocket writes about legendary Scottish climber and photographer Dave Cubby Cuthbertson, who stars in the latest episode of the John Muir Trust film series The Wild in Me, which celebrates the connections between people and wild places. In the second film in the series, Cuthbertson talks about his deep affinity with John Muir Trust managed Ben Nevis, and the role that mountains and climbing play in his life today and in the past....

INTERVIEW: Tommy Caldwell - The Push

On the 4th anniversary of the first ascent of The Dawn Wall by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, we are pleased to release this multimedia interview with Caldwell that took place during the 2018 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival in Alberta, Canada. Tommy Caldwell didnt enter this world smoothly. Born seven weeks premature in August 1978, a tenuous birth set the tone for a life that would come to be defined by enduring hardships and challenging expectations: a reclusive childhood; a traumati...

ARTICLE: In Memory of Al Evans

Mick Ward reflects on the life of Al Evans, a much-loved character of the British climbing scene and long-time highly active member of our forums, who passed away last week. Al Evans was probably the best-liked figure in the entire history of British climbing. There are many who knew him far better and for much longer than I did. This account of his life is necessarily incomplete. Hopefully it will encourage people to tell their own stories of him....

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