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  • Thing-A-Ma Stone

    Thing-A-Ma Stone
    A Unibobber on the top of this fly makes it highly visible. Trout love the stonefly silhouette. Per each. Sizes: 6, 10. Type: Flies....(more)

    $1.24 More Details
  • Starlight Leech - Purple

    Starlight Leech - Purple
    Glass eyes, hot pink color and pulsating rabbit fur make this pattern a must-have for any steelhead and salmon fishermans fly box. Per each. Size: 2. Colors: Pi...(more)

    $1.49 More Details
  • Fall Run No. 2 - Clear

    Fall Run No. 2 - Clear
    Great all-purpose salmon and steelhead fly for the low, clear water conditions of early fall. Dark colors with just enough flash to trigger wary fish. Per each....(more)

    $1.64 More Details
  • Foxee Prawn - Blue/Black

    Foxee Prawn - Blue/Black
    A favorite with winter steelhead enthusiasts, this fly combines elements of prawn and intruder flies into an easy-casting pattern. Per each. Size: 2. Colors: (0...(more)

    $1.84 More Details
  • Cabela's Voodoo Leech - Black

    Cabela's Voodoo Leech - Black
    The Voodoo Leech is a great choice when targeting both salmon and steelhead. Its color schemes and materials drive fish wild. Designed for maximum movement. Sti...(more)

    $1.89 More Details
  • Polywog Pink

    Polywog Pink
    A highly buoyant, visible pattern used for surface walking for Silver salmon. Per each. Size: 2. Color: Pink. Type: Flies....(more)

    $1.89 More Details
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