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I recently wrote a list of tips for first-time glampers. I'd love any feedback about how I can make it better

submitted by /u/CourtneytheGlamper [link] [comments] ...

Room Service in a Tree Tent #KickstartGlampingSanDiego

​ Sleep in the trees under the stars ​ Room service House keeping team hard at work. 0° Teton sleeping bag (available in double & single) ? Pillow sheets ? Sleeping pad ? Sleeping bag liner ? Solar powered light ? ​ ​ submitted by /u/alter2017 [link] [comments] ...

You have to see these luxurious ‘glamping’ safari tents

submitted by /u/TentickleLuxuryTents [link] [comments] ...

2019 San Diego Tourism Trends - Glamping, Outdoor Hospitality & Eco-tourism

​ Glamping in San Diego's backcountry San Diego tourism is booming! National Geographic’s recent feature on San Diego's bio-diversity has opened up an entire new demographic of green travelers and eco-conscious tourists to Southern California destinations. Our destination’s tourism appeal is changing and it’s going to be an exciting year of growth for responsible tourism trends; such as glamping, ecotourism and experiential tourism models. According to Travel Pulse 2019, gla...

Spice Up Your Road Trip: The West's Best Glamping Destinations

Finally got around to writing up our 7 glamping spots my husband and I have been fortunate enough to try. It's time to get a few more on the books for this summer. Any shipping container glamping spots out there Preferably in the western half of the states. ​ I've been thinking of trying some of these tiny homes as well. ​ Thanks in advance submitted by /u/Tajhdude [link] [comments] ...

A portable, wood-fired pizza oven, fire pit, and grill submitted by /u/ndm3 [link] [comments]...

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