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? DIY Hammock Pillow Instructions

Making your own hammock pillow is easy. It can also be used as a multi-use stuff sack, pillow cover, or other uses....

? First Look: KAMMOK Mantis UL All-in-one Hammock

KAMMOK sent me a surprise package this weekend and I did a quick reveal video to show my hands-on look at their new hammock: the Mantis and Mantis UL. This effectively puts KAMMOK squarely into the all-in-one hammock camping category with a very competitive product....

? Review Gear Hackers Evolution Insulated Hammock

Have you ever considered an insulated hammock The Evolution Insulated hammock is stuffed top and bottom with premium 850+ down and my kids swear by it....

? Review Simply Light Designs Sunset Saddle Bags for Hammocks

Sunset Saddle Bags by Simply Light Designs are a perfectly matched accessory for hammocks. The peak storage easily clips to any hammock and provides several extra liters of storage space....

? Review Hammock Gear Netted Hammock

A new offering from, their jungle hammock has a semi-removable / stowable bug net and spacious stuff sack. At 11 feet long, its very comfortable....

? Review Outdoor Vitals StormLoft Quilts

Premium design, materials, and fill power, these quilts are top tier. What sets these quilts apart is the attention to shaving grams and still making them versatile for both hammock and ground camping....

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  • Coghlan's All-Weather Wallet

    Coghlan's All-Weather Wallet
    Coghlan's All-Weather WalletEnjoy water activities without getting your valuables wet with the Coghlan's All-Weather Wallet. This waterproof wallet is from PVC ...(more)

    $1.39 More Details
  • Coghlan's Camper's Dry Sack

    Coghlan's Camper's Dry Sack
    Coghlan's Camper's Dry SackCoghlan's Camper's Dry Sack is a bag that seals in a way that it prevents water from getting your things wet. These tools are typical...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Coghlan's Dry Pouch

    Coghlan's Dry Pouch
    Spending a day on the water and want to keep your essentials with you, but need them to be safe and dry? Coghlan's Dry Pouch lets you hermetically seal out the ...(more)

    $6.49 More Details
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